We have just held our fair at Stantonbury on 2nd February.

Unfortunately our date was clashed with.This is always a shame as it just cuts the cake thinner. If we all sort our dates out we can all produce well attended fairs and dealers will stay happier.

The one thing we have noticed and are going to try to keep up is the good quality of items for sale at the fair. There were some supberb miniture pistols and some very fine quality English Civil War items on display.

The May fair is always a very busy one

and we look forward to seeing you there.

As more people get used to the venue it is my firm belief they will all have come to appreciate the fantastic onsite parking, very good bar and food service and combined with helpful hall staff, gives me great hopes for our future at Stantonbury.

Come and be part of that success as we continue our journey.

We would like to point out that we have had our fair dates since 1969.

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